Ayudha Pooja Celebration

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Ayudha poojai, an integral part of the Navratri festival, was celebrated with much devotion, sincerity and dedication. The day at the ashok nagar office began with high festival spirit as the staff members came dressed up colorfully, rising to the occasion which was fully decorated with flowers and ornaments spreading bright and joyful vibes.
In this office Ayudha Poojai started mid-day with the entire staff members huddled inside the poojai room along with CEO and his family. Following traditions and celebrating festivals together brought them all closer creating a feeling of belonging to one big family and strengthening their bonds. The poojai met an endwith divine worshipping of goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha, at the end of which Prashadham was distributed to all. After all the prayers, a bag filled with sweets and fruits were distributed to every employee.

That’s not all. Similar poojai was performed in the design office and an even more elaborate poojai was done in the factory the next day. This was performed together by the design team and the factory members and other staff members.

Ayudha Poojai at all the three venues ended with the same spirit as it started, for the occasion went on smoothly as planned and everybody felt content and blessed.